Bringing Commerce & Community Together


Matthews, NC

The Station

“The Station,” our mixed-use building, seamlessly combines retail spaces, co-working offices, and a rooftop terrace restaurant. This versatile development offers a host of benefits to both the community and commerce.

Community Hub

“The Station” is a vibrant community hub, drawing people from all walks of life. Its ground-floor retail spaces provide convenient shopping and dining options, making it a gathering point for residents and visitors alike. This enhances community cohesion and fosters a sense of belonging.

Economic Catalyst

With a mix of retail and co-working offices, “The Station” stimulates economic growth. It encourages entrepreneurship by providing a platform for startups and small businesses in the co-working spaces, while the retail establishments create jobs and generate local revenue. This economic vitality benefits both businesses and residents in the vicinity.

Flexible Workspaces

The co-working offices on the upper floors offer flexible and modern work environments. This attracts professionals, freelancers, and remote workers, enhancing the local workforce and promoting innovation and collaboration.

Elevated Dining Experience

The rooftop terrace restaurant elevates the dining scene in the area. Its breathtaking views and culinary offerings make it a sought-after destination for special occasions and everyday dining. This adds to the local culture and supports the restaurant industry and related businesses.

Community Engagement

“The Station” encourages community engagement through events, gatherings, and social activities. Its versatile spaces, from the retail areas to the rooftop, allow people to connect and create memorable experiences together.
In summary, “The Station” is more than a mixed-use building; it is a multifaceted development that enriches the community by offering convenience, economic opportunities, and spaces for connection and collaboration. It invigorates local commerce, promotes a thriving work environment, and enhances residents’ overall quality of life, making it a valuable asset to the community and commerce.

Why Matthews?

Nestled in the charm of Matthews, NC, Brahm Investments is excited to choose this thriving community for its debut project. Matthews captures the essence of accessibility and communal spirit, boasting a walkable downtown that’s both vibrant and welcoming. With over 15 years of success at The UPS Store, we understand the ingredients for thriving businesses and communities alike. Join us in making a collective impact in a town where growth and tradition walk hand-in-hand.

Project History

Leasing Agent

Ryan Pilsy
Coldwell Banker Commercial Realty

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