"In the joy of others lies our own."

His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj
Brahm is founded on ancient Hindu values with a modern approach and action-driven approach, leading to long-lasting relationships and record-breaking results.

About Brahm Investments

Since our establishment in 2005, we have demonstrated a remarkable track record in successfully managing multiple The UPS Store locations. Our journey has been marked by strategic acquisitions of existing stores, ambitious remodeling projects, the launch of brand-new stores, and the relocation of retail store locations. Through these endeavors, we have consistently witnessed significant growth in our business volume, thanks to our commitment to providing a comprehensive range of services throughout the entire business cycle.

This history of adaptability and expansion underscores our dedication to our customers and our business’s long-term success. It showcases our ability to thrive in diverse operational environments and our relentless pursuit of excellence in delivering top-notch services within the logistics and shipping industry.

Our History

For the last 18 years, we have excelled in retail, coaching & consulting experiences from several of our past businesses. We have been a beacon of excellence in ownership, management, and operation, specializing in The UPS Stores. Our new start-up, Brahm Investments, is positioned to display its unique blend of leadership, culture, and community focus that drives our business and enriches lives.


We actively engage with our local communities through partnerships with chambers of commerce, organizing fundraisers, and serving as non-profit board members. Our involvement speaks volumes about our commitment to societal well-being.


Our leadership is action-driven and result-oriented. Drawing from ancient Hindu values & modern approach, we've built a reputation for getting things done while fostering long-term relationships that align with our business interests and community contributions.


Our philosophy is rooted in relentless improvement. Aiming for clean, inviting environments, we envision an investment ecosystem where commerce, growth, and trust flourish. Our commitment to excellence guides our future as we continue to innovate and grow.


As first-generation Indian Americans, our strong family and spiritual values have shaped our journey from modest beginnings to ambitious business aspirations. Our cultural heritage adds a unique and invaluable perspective to our business endeavors.

Our Business Culture

Brahm Investments operates at the intersection of modernity and timeless wisdom. Our vision and mission converge in our commitment to nurturing well-being and creating a harmonious, enduring legacy across diverse sectors.


Inspired by the concept of ‘Brahm,’ our vision is to create an innovative business model that spans commercial real estate, co-working (flex offices), hospitality, consulting, retail, and e-commerce sectors Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we aim for enduring impact, focusing on the holistic well-being of all stakeholders—from employees to the community.


Our mission revolves around the core ethos of ‘Brahm,’ signifying life and growth. We are committed to creating a dynamic environment where integrity, transparency, and ethics form the bedrock. This provides fertile ground for financial strength and the joyous empowerment of all involved—investors, employees, and customers.

“Do the best and leave the rest”

His Holiness Mahant Swami Maharaj

Our Philosphy

At Brahm Investments, our work philosophy is rooted in the Satvik business ethos, prioritizing purity, truth, and virtuous conduct. We believe in holistic value creation, impacting customers, employees, and investors alike while fostering sustainable growth and ethical practices.


We’re not just about transactions; we’re about creating long-lasting relationships. Our customer-centric approach prioritizes personalized service, aiming to contribute to their business needs and the community.


Our employees are the cornerstone of our philosophy. We encourage personal and professional growth, underpinned by the belief that ‘Growth is the foundation of existence.’ Our environment is designed to be fertile ground for innovation and balanced growth.


Our investors and stakeholders are part of a harmonious hierarchy that guides our actions. While our primary focus is profitability, we’re also committed to ethical conduct, sustainable strategies, and creating a legacy that endures.

Our Commitment to Community

At Brahm Investments, our deep-rooted commitment to community involvement is no accident—it reflects the ethos of our founder, Mumukshu Brahmbhatt “M.B.”. With a history of owning 18 UPS Stores and serving as a small business consultant for over 15 years, our business strategies are firmly anchored in community betterment. This commitment has manifested in multiple recognitions, such as “The Best Minority Businessman of the Year” and “The Best Community Service Man of the Year 2021.”

I was past director at chamber of commerce and current board of director at Matthews Help Center underline our dedication to creating an impact beyond business metrics. Our work in BAPS & BAPS Charities and various community efforts further exemplify this ethos, making us not just a business but a community pillar.

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